Piece of Cake

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August 23rd, 2007

In this article you will find a collection of riddles. They are all either very well known or extremely easy. Enjoy!

Cutting the Cake

cake1.jpgHow can you cut a circular cake to eight even pieces with 3 cuts? What is the maximum number of pieces possible with 4 cuts?

Colorblind Pills

red_or_blue_pill.jpgYou have a rare and fatal disease. The only cure for your disease is taking one Biaxin pill (which is blue) and one Robaxin pill (which is red) exactly at midnight, for two days. I.e. you have to take one of each today at midnight and one of each tomorrow at midnight, for a total of four pills. You have exactly four pills (two of each kind) at your disposal. The pills, apart from being in different colors, are identical in appearance.

Now, in addition to your fatal illness, you are also colorblind. How can you save yourself?

Note that in order to be saved you have to take the pills exactly as described above – e.g. taking all four pills at the same time will get you killed!

And no - there aren’t other people that can help you, etc…

Cup of Coffee, Fuck of Tea 

glass-of-milk.jpgYou have a cup of coffee and a cup of milk, both containing the same (unspecified) amount of liquid. You take one spoon full of milk and put it in the coffee. You mix well. You then return a spoon full of the mixture to the cup of milk. Which is more: milk in coffee or coffee in milk?

The title is taken from the famous Israeli movie Operation Grandma. Thanks to Misha Seltzer for this riddle.

The Virgin Islands

british_virgin_islands_property.jpg You are shipwrecked on the Virgin Islands (since Chuck Norris visited them, they are known simply as The Islands). You know that there are three tribes in the Islands: The Liatu tribe, that always lies, the Honestu tribe, that always tells the truth, and the Randomu tribe that answers randomly to every question asked. As you wander around the Islands, you come across 3 tribesmen. By the way they are dressed you can tell that they belong to different tribes (i.e. there is one member of each tribe) but you do not know to which tribe they belong. The native language on the Islands is French, which you speak fluently. It is well known that in French you can only ask “yes-no” questions. You are also familiar with an ancient tradition on the Islands, that says that it is impolite to ask more than 2 questions (each addressed to one specific person) per conversation, no más. You are standing at a fork and need to decide whether to go left or right. How can you get your information?

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15 Responses to “Piece of Cake”

  1. Rae Says:

    I’m having some trouble with the colour blind pill problem. Does the solution have something to do with the fact that colour-blind people actually can distinguish between red and blue, or is there a logical solution that would work if both the pill were actually the same colour?

  2. yaniv Says:

    Hi Rae,

    No, the solution does not involve colorblind people’s ability to distinguish between red and blue (I didn’t even know they had such an ability :-) ).

    There is a general solution in the case that the pills were of the exact same color (or equivalently that the person is really blind).

    The solution even works if there is no test whatsoever that you could employ to detect whether the pills are of type Biaxin or Robaxin (well other than trying to eat them and finding out whether you died or not, but then its a little too late…).

    If you feel stuck, let me know and I will post a solution.

  3. Seb Says:

    Does the solution work 100% of the time, or is 66% of the time enough for a fatal disease?

  4. yaniv Says:

    Hi Seb,

    How are you?

    The solution works all the time.
    I would have said so if it didn’t…

  5. Jonas from Blography Says:

    Colorblind Pills: Take each pill, cut it in half and place the halves in seperate piles. You end up having two equal piles of halved pills, basically two half doses of your original 4 pills. Eat 1 pile the first night and 1 the second night =)

  6. yaniv Says:

    Hi Jonas,

    In the future try to post solution related comments on the second page of riddle posts. That way the riddles aren’t ruined for other people. You will also notice that your solution was already submitted 8-) .

    Well, your solution is nevertheless correct – so anyway, thank you for submitting it!

  7. Jonas from Blography Says:

    Oops, sorry mate, didn’t know there was a second page! =(

    Feel free to delete the comment so it doesn’t ruin it for anyone else =)

    Cheers, J.

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